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can a boomtown be green?

Last night's debate about ecology was focussed, heartfelt and perhaps a little more relaxed than the night before, with everyone in the room feeling more or less clearly that London needs to get its house in order on climate change.

Londoners in general appear to think so, too, according to Ben Page of MORI, who again came up with some relevant stats. 57% of us worry about climate chan... Read More
Posted by: Kieran Long on 26/06/07

what do we want for london?

A very healthy crowd turned out for last night's debate: 2012 Wishlist: What Do You Want For London? An impressive and diverse list of contributors found itself dealing with some of the fundamental questions regarding the future of London's built environment.

The evening was prefaced by pollster Ben Page of MORI/IPSOS telling us what Londoners think about their city. We are conservativ... Read More
Posted by: Kieran Long on 24/06/07

was ours a united panel?
Last night's opening debate, Is London A United City?, was a great kick-off to Debate London. The panelists—Boris Johnson, Neal Lawson, Lynsey Hanley, Ivan Massow, Tony Travers and Emma Peters—presented a diverse and largely bifurcated set of views addressing the rampant economic inequality that has ... Read More
Posted by: Jaffer Kolb on 23/06/07

building better communities?

On June 14, the government-sponsored Commission on Integration and Cohesion(CIC) published this report, ten years after New Labour established the Social Exclusion Unit and first began waving the banner of cohesion. Interestingly, the report sit... Read More
Posted by: Jaffer Kolb on 20/06/07

housing estates, anti-social behaviour and architecture
Alex Ely, architect and housing expert, has written a very personal article for us about the Marquess Estate in north London. He lives there, and he starts with a story about a joyrider smashing into his front garden before going into a subtle analysis of the perils of new housing in London. Will w... Read More
Posted by: Kieran Long on 15/06/07

the olympic legacy and its discontents
This morning saw the second Debate London breakfast take place at the Evening Standard's offices in Kensington. It was a great morning, with David Higgins, chief executive of the Olympic Delivery Authority, addressing a distinguished audience on the development of the Olympic park in Stratford. Also, there were fantastic contributions from Rod Sheard, of HOK Sport Architecture (who is designing th... Read More
Posted by: Kieran Long on 15/06/07

house prices soar through the roof shocker

The Evening Standard runs another story to strike fear into the hearts of those who do not own their houses. The cost of buying a house in London will be 10 times the average salary in the city by 2026 if housing supply does not increase. Read More
Posted by: Kieran Long on 07/06/07

oona king says that multiculturalism has failed in east london
The Guardian today has run an interview with Oona King, former MP for Bethnal Green and Bow, in which she says that multiculturalism in the east London is failing. She cites faith schools and poor housing policies as being at the root of discontent bred between communities in her former borough. In ... Read More
Posted by: Kieran Long on 06/06/07

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