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the value of bureaucracy

Isabel Allen, former editor of The Architects' Journal, has written for us a thoughtful, funny description of the woes of building in London. Planning permissions, English Heritage, and community groups represent only some of the treacherou... Read More
Posted by: Jaffer Kolb on 20/06/07

the city in numbers

Coinciding with Debate London, The Evening Standard put together a poll asking almost 2000 Londoners about prominent issues facing life in the city. The results were released earlier this week, and on Monday Channel 4 published Read More
Posted by: Jaffer Kolb on 20/06/07

london's heritage: the big here and the long now
In this eloquent brief, director of planning at English Heritage Steven Bee tells us how heritage is as much about looking forward as looking back. Furthermore we must rely on using the full potential of technological advances and contemporary thought to not only preserve London's physical space, ... Read More
Posted by: Jaffer Kolb on 19/06/07

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