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Can a Boom Town be Green

can a boomtown be green?

Last night's debate about ecology was focussed, heartfelt and perhaps a little more relaxed than the night before, with everyone in the room feeling more or less clearly that London needs to get its house in order on climate change.

Londoners in general appear to think so, too, according to Ben Page of MORI, who again came up with some relevant stats. 57% of us worry about climate chan... Read More
Posted by: Kieran Long on 26/06/07

watch the debates in the videos section
The debates are now up and running, but if you were unlucky enough to miss the two so far, you can watch highlights in our Videos section.... Read More
Posted by: Kieran Long on 24/06/07

we need to reassess new architecture in london

Financial Times critic Edwin Heathcote has just sent us this a striking indictment of new architecture in London. From Palimpsests to the superficiality of green architecture, few large-scale developments escape the criticisms levelled at a generation of architecture that both ignores and refuse... Read More
Posted by: Jaffer Kolb on 21/06/07

global cities
The Tate Modern's newest exhibition, Global Cities, has just opened in its Turbine Hall. The exhibition is staged over two floors in a structure designed specifically for the show, and includes not only selected data and themes from last year's 10th International Architecture Biennial in Venice but also a host o... Read More
Posted by: Jaffer Kolb on 21/06/07

read the articles
We are now just one day away from the first debate at Tate Modern, but before that, do take a few minutes to check out the brilliant articles section, which is now chock full of opinion on subjects from planning to the Read More
Posted by: Kieran Long on 20/06/07

blueprint for london
With all the changes London is presently undergoing, not to mention those that the future holds, the role of architects to create new mechanisms, typologies, and infrastructure to meet new social and climatic needs is increasingly paramount to the profession.

In collaboration with the Architecture Foundation, ... Read More
Posted by: Jaffer Kolb on 20/06/07

climate change blackout in london next thursday
Next Thursday, London will be plunged into darkness, not because of any apocalyptic energy shortage, but voluntarily, to raise awareness of climate change. On June 21, many of London's landmarks (including Canary Wharf tower, Buckingham Palace and the BT Tower) will turn of all non-essential lights, and everyone is being urged to do the same between 9 and 10pm. The hour's blackout is expected to s... Read More
Posted by: Kieran Long on 11/06/07

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